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How to Help

Since 1994, multiple organizations have made valiant attempts to provide sustained relief to genocide victims, but the level of support has significantly dropped in the past 5 years. As we researched the materials selected for this website, we were on many occasions impressed by the presence and realism of a specific non-governmental organization -- Avega-Agahozo. This is the reason why we have decided to create a gateway to that specific organization below. Please note that we cannot accept any contribution on behalf of Avega. Please contact them directly or visit their website for information on support and donations.


Association of Genocide Widows - AGAHOZO
PO 1535 Kigali
Tel. (+250)51 61 25)

AVEGA-AGAHOZO, is a non-profit organization created by 50 widows who themselves are genocide survivors. The association was approved by ministerial decree n°156/05 on October 30, 1995.


       Avega's Mission:

  • To promote the general welfare of the genocide victims;

  • To promote solidarity among members of the association;

  • To carry out activities aimed at helping the widows;

  • To cooperate with organizations that have the same objectives;

  • To uphold the memory of the genocide victims and to fight for justice;

  • To participate in the national reconstruction and reconciliation process of Rwanda


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Visit Avega's website for more information...

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